About Us

Hattiesburg Management Group is a community based consulting firm headquartered in the Hattiesburg Metropolitan Area of Southern Mississippi. As we strive to reach more historic milestones and achievements, HMG footprints can be seen intertwined in almost every facet of daily life.

Bedrock to the firm's success, HMG has been accredited with multiple successful political campaigns, with a stellar reputation of never losing a political campaign, making HMG a prominent firm in the political arena, having consulted a number of political and apolitical candidates. (Political Consulting)

Salient to the firm's foundation is the ability to provide resolution and guidance in labyrinthine circumstances, whether it be natural disasters, political, corporate, or a social crisis, regardless if it's cataclysmic or catastrophic, a catalyst to the firm's success. (Crisis Management Consulting)

Another key component of HMG success is our state-of-the-art Marketing and Management Division, providing solutions to some of the biggest projects and events in Mississippi. HMG offers a host of solutions including project & event management, public relations, and marketing with the latest innovated technology on over 80 of the biggest names in news, sports, and entertainment i.e. FOX NEWS, CNN, ESPN, OWN, BET, DISNEY, NFL NETWORK, FOOD. (Marketing & Management Consulting)

The impetus of HMG's success is it's economic development strategies, emanating the leading job fair in the Hattiesburg Metropolitan Area, creating multitudinous employment opportunities with paramount companies for those living in the inner city. (Economic Development Consulting)

HMG serves as parent company to multiple companies and organization, furthering it's mission to improve the overall quality of life for the destitute communities through strategic leadership and management. A few companies in our diversified portfolio includes:




VUM HEALTHCARE| A protraction of HMG working with Mississippi Department of Health Services leadership to prevent the spread of Covid-19,  VUM Healthcare originated to keep Americans healthy by providing medical professionals including nurses & CNA's, to local hospitals and clinics as well as promote healthy initiatives through strategic marketing and educational events.





THE CSR COMPANY| A premise to economic development, CSR helps to improve the quality of life, rehabilitating and completing make-readys for apartment complexes and homes especially in the inner city low-income or poverty areas yielding a modish clean environment.





MISSISSIPPI WORKS| Building off of historically one of the most successful job fairs in Mississippi, MW was created to offer long-term employment opportunities to convicted felons, through meaningful pay and a monthly bonus as in incentive to deter from crime, making Mississippi communities safer and its economy stronger. It's since expanded to offering employment to high school & college students, offering up to a $6,000 scholarship for each student per year.






THE FIVE DOLLAR KITCHEN| Built during a time when most restaurants were closing, The Five Dollar Kitchen was designed to provide great tasting food, sizeable portions, and a cost effective price that was favorable to the customer. The result created a loyal fan base that elevated the kitchen to one of the top restaurants in the Hattiesburg Metropolitan Area with new locations soon.





HATTIESBURG ENTERTAINMENT| Providing quality entertainment, Hattiesburg Entertainment is responsible for the success of some of the biggest events in Mississippi, including parades, festivals, concerts, parties, corporate, and other events, primarily in the Hattiesburg Metropolitan areas, providing entertainment opportunities to countless upcoming talents. Products includes strategic promotion, event management, live entertainment, & firework shows.

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