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Black Saturday

Sat. Nov 25, 2023

Black Saturday Main Flyer.jpg


1,000's of people are coming together for a one day only event, supporting the Black Culture, including black businesses, entrepreneurs, & products.

Black Saturday is 2 events combined in today one historic day. The first part of the event is shopping during the day starting at 10:00am.

The second part of the event is a "The Biggest Party of the Century" for the official Black Saturday Afterparty with surprise celebrity guest.

All proceeds of the event goes towards fighting for justice for 26 year old African American Donivan Barnes who was murdered by 23 year old white man on Saturday, October 6, 2023.


Buy Black Shop Black
Eat Black Support Black


Black Saturday kicks off Saturday Morning at the Forrest County Multi-Purpose Center. Doors open at 10:00am. Kids are welcomed as there is a kids corner where kids can play while parents shop. There's a small entrance fee. To get an advance ticket click below. Advance Tickets are only $5.


Any African American vendor can participate with this event whether they are a business, entrepreneur, innovator, influencer, or organization for free.


There are no vendor fees. Vendors must sign up in advance. Spaces are limited. There is no size limitation for booths.


Once you sign up you will receive a confirmation email with more info & instructions.

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The Biggest Party of the Century

Black Saturday- Party.jpg


Black Saturday ends with the official Black Saturday Afterparty kicking off at 9:00pm at the Multipurpose Center. The Black Saturday Afterparty features surprise celebrity guests as everyone comes together for a historic day for the culture. 

Hosted by Donivan's siblings, early arrival is highly recommended as 1,000's of people are expected to attend.

To get your advance tickets to the Biggest Party of the Century click below. Advance tickets also include free parking express lane to the biggest culture celebration in recent memory.

What Is The Donivan Barnes Story?

Donivan Prom Suit Transparent.png

Thank You For Your Support

All proceeds from Black Saturday's admission goes towards powering Donivan's legal expenses to get Justice for Donvian.


If you can't make it but want to help support this movement of justice, you can give by clicking below.

News Stories

Donvian Barnes aka Dillion Moye is a African American young man that had just turned 26 years old before he was tragically killed by a 23 year old man.

Donvian was last seen alive Friday, October 5, 2023. His family begin searching for him Saturday morning when they didn't hear from him. Saturday evening, Donivan was found in a ditch on Westover Drive in Hattiesburg MS by his siblings.

Almost 2 weeks later, the Lamar County Sheriff Office finally put out a press released asking the public for help. A 23 year old white man visited the Sheriff's Office, admitted to killing Donivan, apologized, was released by the Sheriff Department, and he went home without any charges or arrest.


After extreme outrage, the next day, he was charged for leaving the scene of an accident, never went to court but bond was set at $10,000 in a secret hearing. The killer never spent one night in jail, instead after he was charged, went to local jail, took a picture for booking, and was immediately released. Although others admitted to participating in killing Donivan, the sheriff department has refused to bring any other charges or upgrade the charges of Donvian's killer. 

Donivan was killed, his body was hid, and all evidence from the scene disappeared.

Donivan was raised by a single mother as Donivan was the youngest of 3 siblings. His mother died while he was still in school and his brother was granted full custody and parental rights of Donvian as the 3 siblings tried to keep their family together. Now, the family of 4 is just down to two.

Here are a few news story links with details so far about Donivan's case and lack of justice:

Judge Hold Secret Hearing Sets Killer Bond at $10,000

No Evidence At The Scene Where Donvian Was Killed

Sheriff's Office Asks Public For Help To Find Killer

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