Black Leaders In Business

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Welcome to BLIB, Black Leaders In Business, connecting black leaders around the world for the sole purpose of uplifting our community by combining our resources, experiences, and shared interests. Here we come together & make the impossible a reality where the community truly wins.

Who Can Join?

Anyone in leadership can join BLIB. Regardless of what type of role or position in leadership, anyone who is in a position of influnece is welcomed.

What Kinds of Businesses Are Accepted?

BLIB is a diverse community of leaders from both types of business, profit & non-profit, representing every field of business, including medicine, law, politics, finance, social, religious, food & tourism, recreation, sports, education, energy, tech, retail, fashion, and so many more.

Committees & Chapters

BLIB members have an opportunity to advance within their specific industry by interacting and participating with & on industry committees. BLIB members also share a valuable resource by connecting with other BLIB members within local cities and states as well as direct access to leaders from around the world. Both committee and chapters hosts seminars, conferences, and event opportunity around the year that any BLIB member can be apart of.

Are There Membership Fees?

Yes, there is a $125 membership fee to join BLIB. As a result, there are no annual fees.

The Summit

BLIB rolls out the red carpet hosting 4 main summits a year, Spring, Summer, Fall, & Winter, exclusively for BLIB members only. At these in person summits, members have an opportunity to make lifetime connections & receive life-changing opportunities from leaders around the world.

The Directory

Perhaps the most coveted asset & the most powerful resource of being a BLIB member is direct access to other leaders around the world. The Directory is just that, personal access to BLIB members from around the world, that is never to be shared.  This is the very foundation of BLIB. Access in the business world is the difference between success and failure. The strong bond of unity of BLIB members & the willingness of each member willing to do whatever he or she can to make sure their fellow BLIB member is successful is what separates BLIB from any other entity in the world. 

BLIB is the most important group I've ever been apart of. I can't think of anything that's been more influential to me in my life.

Derrick Smith