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Event Services 

There's nothing quite like an experience team to offer you the very best in event services. With over 25 years of experience, we're sure our world class talented team can offer & provide world class service. You'd should expect nothing less!

Event Planning

The most important part of an event is organizing the event itself. A successful event starts with great event planning. As the first stage of an event, this includes the whos, whats, whens, wheres, & whys.


With over 25 years of event planning, we can turn your dream event into a reality, creating memories of a lifetime that will wow and awe your guest for years to come. 

Event Coordination

Execution is the key to success. Every great blueprint needs a great builder to bring together the magnificent ideas flowing into what will be executed as a flawless event. This includes event staff such was greeters & hostesses.

A professional event coordinator to make sure your event flows as plan from vendors to guest is what separates the adults from the kids. With over 25 years of coordinating experience, prepare to have an experience of a lifetime.

Live Entertainment

Nothing quite says entertainment like live entertainment. From live bands, musicians, & djs to dancers, steppers, poetry, live animals, kid rides and a whole lot more, we have all of the resources you need to make your event lively and artfully entertaining.

This include special musical performances & concerts to celebrity walk-thrus, influential & notable guests. 

For outdoor events, nothing quite says entertainment like a live fireworks show. Light up the sky and wow guests like the Queen of England with a elegant yet safe fireworks show.

Vendors & Staff

To make sure your event is eventful, we've got a sacred list of the best in the industry as well as what's most economical in terms of your budget in terms of vendors. 

From food & beverage vendors to apparel & homestyle vendors we've got you covered. From hostesses & servers to security & parking lot assistant, our team has 25 years of experience to make your event simply awesome!

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