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Taking Selfie with a Friend


Canvassing is the art of personally connecting a brand, campaign, or product directly to the consumer, customer, or citizen by meeting them in their community.

Gerber & Green says canvassing is 4 times more effective than reaching out by phone as it relates to effective results.

Canvassing is simply going door to door putting your material in the hands of your future supporters.

Decorating Wedding Table

Event Coordination

Execution is the key to success. Every great blueprint needs a great builder to bring together the magnificent ideas flowing into what will be executed as a flawless event. This includes event staff such was greeters & hostesses.

A professional event coordinator to make sure your event flows as plan from vendors to guest is what separates the adults from the kids. With over 25 years of coordinating experience, prepare to have an experience of a lifetime.

Friendly Business Team

Event Planning

The most important part of an event is organizing the event itself. A successful event starts with great event planning. As the first stage of an event, this includes the whos, whats, whens, wheres, & whys.


With over 25 years of event planning, we can turn your dream event into a reality, creating memories of a lifetime that will wow and awe your guest for years to come. 

Live Music

Live Entertainment

Nothing quite says entertainment like live entertainment. From live bands, musicians, & djs to dancers, steppers, poetry, live animals, kid rides and a whole lot more, we have all of the resources you need to make your event lively and artfully entertaining.

This include special musical performances & concerts to celebrity walk-thrus, influential & notable guests. 

For outdoor events, nothing quite says entertainment like a live fireworks show. Light up the sky and wow guests like the Queen of England with a elegant yet safe fireworks show.

Meetup Event

Public Relations

Perception! That's the foundation of PR in one word. Managing perception, how people think and perceive you, is the art of Public Relations.

Key fundamental areas of public relations encompasses: Press Releases, Public & Private Events, Social Media & Video Content, Strategic Partnerships, Proprietary Research, as well as Crisis Mitigation.


Public Relations also includes having a spokesperson to speak on your behalf. 



Pyrotechnics in simple terms is a fireworks show.


According to LP Fireworks in the United Kingdom, Fireworks have a way of making people feel happy and emotional, elevates people's moods and helps them enjoy the occasion even more. 

Pyrotechnics is the art of making, manufacturing, and using fireworks. 75% of people say they either love or like fireworks.

Waiting to Order

Staff & Vendors

To make sure your event is eventful, we've got a sacred list of the best in the industry as well as what's most economical in terms of your budget in terms of vendors. 

From food & beverage vendors to apparel & homestyle vendors we've got you covered. From hostesses & servers to security & parking lot assistant, our team has 25 years of experience to make your event simply awesome!

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