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5th Annual Summer Job Fair A Huge Success as 100's Attends in Downtown Hattiesburg, MS

The 5th Annual Summer Job Fair did not disappoint. 100's of people participated in this year's job fair although job fairs around the state have failed to pull at least 50 participants. The annual job fair, produced by Hattiesburg Management Group firm's Economic Development Division, showed the value of bringing businesses and the community together.

A diverse crowd in range of age, sex, and race, people from all walks of life walked the red carpet in excitement and anticipation to leave with a job. From career professionals to first time job seekers, everyone was quite please with the job fair. "We need more job fairs like this. We need more positive events like this. This was a very great event and I'm excited I brought my friends," said Crystal Washington.

"It's either the streets or a job! And trust me, I'm tired of the streets!" said Curtis Robertson. I came here just to show my friends there is a better way. Stuff like this gives us real hope and makes our neighborhoods safe!" Robertson went on to say.

Jessica Jones was very excited. "I've been trying to get with some of these employers for a very long time. I finally got a chance to talk to someone and I'm just very excited because now I actually got a job."

The 5th Annual Job Fair is hosted every year in downtown Hattiesburg at the Jackie Dole Community Center. It's the largest job fair in the Hattiesburg Metropolitan Area and one of the leading job fairs in the State of Mississippi.

For more pictures, visit our facebook page: @hattiesburgmanagementgroup


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