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McDonald's Becomes Major Sponsor For The 25th Annual Black History Celebrations

The sky lit up during the Black History Fireworks Show 2023 sponsored by McDonald's.

Hattiesburg Management Group was successfully able to secure McDonald's as the major sponsor to pull of this year's 25th Annual Black History Celebrations. The Black History Celebrations is a series of events commemorating Black History through the month of February. It includes both featured events and partnered events. The celebrations is guided by a 15 member committee.

The partners for this year's celebration included the University of Southern Mississippi and The 6th Street Museum District. Both partner events were also considered ground-breaking and widely successful.

McDonald's, along with Forrest General and Merchant Food Services, sponsored this year's celebration. The featured events included the famous 25th Annual Black History Parade as well as the Black History Picnic followed by the Black History Fireworks Show.

A spokesperson for HMG commented on the sponsorship, "This is the 2nd time McDonald's has stepped in and sponsored part of a major community event for our firm. The first was at our signature Summer Job Fair, the leading job fair in our state, and now the biggest Black History Celebration in our state. We think the world of Chad and his brother Ron. Every time we call, they are always there. Hopefully, we continue to build on that relationship. Without McDonald's, there wouldn't have been a celebration this year."

The fireworks show ended at Vernon Dahmer Park. There was no parking available at the time the show kicked off.

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