• HMG Staff

The Foundation Continues to Help Family 6-Year Old Killed In Drive-by

Ja'Kyrie Silas, the 6 year old that was killed in a drive-by shooting in Hattiesburg, MS has finally been laid to rest. Rest, however, is the last thing on his family's mind as they have no where to go. The mother of the 6 year old still needs our foundation to help assist moving the family to a more safe and quiet location.

2 weeks after Ja'Kyrie was shot, the community came together to give Ja'Kyrie a 'Hero's Farewell' with several dozens of Hattiesburg Police Department officers escorting and saluting the baby's casket as it drove by in the funeral processional. Then, as a final act of kindness, the 6-year old's body was driven under the American Flag, hailed by the Hattiesburg Fire Department, a final salute to the spider man hero.

Now, weeks after the shooting and funeral, the family must find a safer place to relocate after their home has been shot up, killing 6 year old Ja'Kyrie, putting his 5 year old cousin and another victim in critical condition.

The Mr. Hattiesburg Foundation will continue it's support by having 2 weeks of fundraising, asking the community to come together one last time to support the relocation of the family. Anyone can give by clicking the link below.