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Votefest Is A Premiere 2 Day Event Aimed At Increasing Voter Participation Across Mississippi

Updated: Apr 13, 2023

The HMG firm aims at tackling the lack of people voting by increasing voter participation in Mississippi with a 2 day premiere red-carpet event that is free to the public. The main objective of the two day event is to (1) make sure registered voters are active & (2) register new voters in they qualify.

In order to achieve this objective, HMG is working with election officials across the state. Votefest is open to the public and everyone who comes can check the status of their voter registration free of charge.

The first half of the event is a picnic at the park with all the bells and whistles. This includes live entertainment, fun games for kids, great food, and HMG's signature firework shows. HMG continues to build on the final product to persuade more people to pack out the park in true HMG fashion, which is by the thousands.

The second half of the event held on Monday is a debate also with all the bells and whistles including HMG's signature red-carpet premiere style event setup that the firms typically rolls out for signature or large indoor events. The event features a VIP Section reserved for participating candidates. It's also open free, open to the public and features a hot free meal to everyone attending although seating is expected to be limited.

Because the event will have limited seating and in part because several statewide candidates are expected to participate, HMG will stream the event live. The debate will only feature 3 questions for each candidate in a time-limited format.

To appeal to a diverse audience as well as a draw to participating candidates, HMG will offer its exclusive state-of-the-art marketing technology to candidates giving them an opportunity to be featured on some of the biggest networks on television, such as Fox News, CNN, MSNBC, ESPN, OWN, LIFETIME, HGTV & a host of others.

"We're extremely proud of this specific project of getting voters engaged in the voting process. We've seen voter participation decrease and voter engagement down overall, regardless of party. So, we're launching a non-partisan event open to all parties in hopes of increasing voter participation and we're adding all of our signature features that we've found to have been extremely successful in past events so that hopefully this will give voter participation a much need jumpstart!" a HMG firm spokesman said.

Votefest 2023 kicks off Saturday, May 6 at 11:00am at Vernon Dahmer Park in Hattiesburg, MS.

Candidates interesting in participating can sign up by clicking here.


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