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Welcome to the Students Only Job Fair

Students Only Job Fair

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The Economic Division of the firm presents the Students Only Job Fair Thursday, September 21, 2023. The job fair will be held at the C. E. Roy Community Center, 300 East 8th Street in Hattiesburg, MS. The doors open to the public at 4:00pm.

Employers should prepare for 100's of high school & college students attending.

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My First Job
Work Program

The Student Job Fair is free to employers who are participants of the "My First Job" Work program. This program is specifically designed to help high school & college students who are in need of financial support while in school.


The job program pays students a $500 bonus every month along with their regular pay check, giving students an extra $6,000 a year to help with tuition, books, school supplies, classes, housing, or other necessities students may be in support of.


This program is funded through a small $5 markup included in the billrate. To sign-up to be apart of this program, simply email us

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