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Commissioner First Lady named as this year's 6th Annual Summer Job Fair host

Updated: Apr 2

City of Hattiesburg Mayor Emeritus Johnny DuPree, Forrest County Election Commissioner Johneice DuPree, City of Hattiesburg Chief Municipal Court Judge Emeritus Vanessa Jones, City of Hattiesburg City Council President Emeritus Dr. Eddie Holloway, Provost at the University of Southern Mississippi, attending the 5th Annual Summer Job Fair.

Johniece DuPree, the new Forrest County Election Commissioner and the City of Hattiesburg's Former First Lady, will serve as this year's host of the 6th Annual Summer Job Fair. The 6th Annual Summer Job Fair will be held on Monday, June 3 in downtown Hattiesburg at the Jackie Dole Community Center.

The Summer Job Fair is the largest job fair in the State of MS, attracting lots of businesses and 1,000's of participants each year. The HMG Summer Job Fair is different than most job fairs as it features lots of employers offering 1,000's of jobs to the community every year with a stipulation, you must be able to hire on the spot.

The job fair each year also feeds all participants for free, offering a hot meal since most people are coming during lunch time. It has become a cornerstone not only in the Pine Belt, but also in Mississippi as employers from all over have come to participate including Ingalls Ship Yard and other off-shore jobs.

Participants can come to the job fair and literally change their life. There are several on-site training programs available as well so that those with no experience can also participate. The Summer Job Fair is one of the biggest events of the year.


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