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Spirit Ads, College Football, & NFL Games Are Best Times To Promote Business, Event, or Products

Our Spirit Ads are back by popular demand and are a great way to both help uplift local businesses and support local schools. College Football is back which is a step above Spirit Ads and gives you a greater opportunity to reach more people. The NFL obviously is a step above college football as audiences increases even more. This is the best time to advertise and we've got a plan for all budgets.

Spirit Ads are innovate ads supporting local schools in while promoting a specific event, business, or product. During the ad, it's common to wear school spirit shirts, material, colors, etc to show your support of the kids. Which school to support is left up to you, the client.

This is often leading up to a local game in which elevates the excitement of the event, drives more people to the stadiums, produces more revenue for the schools, while increasing your customer base for your product or business. They are called spirit ads because it uplifts the spirit of both players, schools, and community.

Spirit ads are broken into 3 levels.

(1) Weekly: Starting at $350 a week, your ads will be featured on select networks as you show your support for your school of choice. This is typically 50 or so ads airing on a few networks. This is also great for advertising an upcoming event.

(2) Monthly: Starting at $500 a month, your ads will be featured on select networks as you show your support for your school of choice. This is typically 150 or so ads airing on 5 or so networks throughout a 30 day period.

(3) Monthly: Starting at $1,000 a month, your ads will be featured on select networks as you show your support fo your school of choice. This is typically 400 or so ads airing on 10 or so networks throughout a 30 day period. With this plan, you also have to ability to create 4 different ads. You can support 4 different schools. They can run at different weeks or all at once. So much more flexiblity and bang for your buck.

College Football is back. This means some games will be featured on networks such as ESPN, reaching far more people than any stadium can actually hold. Unlike spirit ads which circulates on various networks, college game ads are much more competitive as these ads are placed inside a specific college game on a specific network, typically ESPN. This makes the ads more expensive and more limited in how many ads are actually featured in one single game.

For instance, The University of Southern Mississippi has 7 games on ESPN. The starting rate for one spot in the actual game is $3,800 and that's for a basic game, not for a game such as Mississippi State vs USM. So consider Ole Miss, Alabama, and other high profile college games. Is it worth it? Yes indeed! It's a step above spirit ads and reaches a great number of people, typically tens of thousands of exciting fans.

Of course, the top of all in the sports market is The NFL. More people will watch NFL games by far than highschool and college games combines. Monday Night Football has been the most watched program for a long time, but advertising during any game, especially on Sundays are idea for making a big statement.

Yes, it's more expensive depending on the game and the team, but it's a great way to maximize your reach of getting your product, business, or event out in the mainstream and it's obviously great for building your brand or maintaining relevancy. Perhaps that why Forbes has listed NFL Teams more valuable than basketball and baseball combined.

Is it worth showcasing your business or product or event during an NFL game? Yesssss! It's bigger than an investment. It's bigger than making a statement. Your message will resonate in the minds of exciting fans for weeks to come. Perhaps that's why it cost millions of dollars to advertise during the Superbowl.

This is the right time to elevate your brand, your business, your organization, and your product. It's also political season which makes it more expensive as more and more people are all trying to get the same 30 seconds to maximize the opportunity to reach the masses.

Our state-state-of-the-art technology is just the beginning to building community support for the kids, local economy, and increasing revenue for your business as well. Ads are placed on tv, streaming, and digital platforms.

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